The Benefits of OEM Car Parts


Need to get new parts for your car? All Hampton drivers need a reliable parts center for their cars, and there are lots of great reasons to choose a place that has Hyundai OEM parts. Hyundai of Hampton is proud to carry and use OEM car parts. We explain why Newport News customers find them so valuable below!

The Benefits of OEM Car Parts 

In the world of car parts, mechanics make an important distinction between OEM car parts like Hyundai OEM parts and aftermarket parts. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”; these parts are made by the people who made your original car parts. “Aftermarket” parts are those made by a third party. So, why find OEM car parts around Norfolk? There are lots of reasons: 

  • A Perfect Fit: There’s some uncertainty with aftermarket parts — and you may have to modify your vehicle to make them work. This is neverthe case with Hyundai OEM parts, and there’s the benefit of a lot less hassle combined with the reassurance of the perfect car part for your vehicle. 
  • Warranty: Suffolk drivers who get a new or CPO vehicle have a competitive warranty. The same applies to most Hyundai OEM parts, which have warranties that last up to a year. 
  • Durability: Hyundai is proud of the build quality of their vehicles. You can be sure an OEM part has been thoroughly inspected for reliability in a way that doesn’t always apply to aftermarket parts. 
  • Resale Value: An aftermarket part can depreciate the value of your vehicle when you get it appraised, but OEM parts don’t do that!

What Kinds of Parts Can I Get at Hyundai of Hampton?

Looking for OEM car parts in Norfolk? When you go to a service center for repairs or a tune-up, you’re looking at a world of possibilities. OEM parts don’t just include engine components and vital mechanical parts, but also accessories like floor mats, windshield wipers, outside mirrors, and more. Hyundai OEM parts are available for a wide variety of modifications on your vehicle. 

Order OEM Parts at Hyundai of Hampton

At Hyundai of Hampton, we want Hampton drivers to have a vehicle that performs well for a long time. That’s why we carry OEM car parts! We’ve made it simple to order parts online, but you can also contact us to ask about what parts we can help you acquire to improve your drive!

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