Professional Auto Detailing

Professional Auto Detailing Services at Hyundai of Hampton in Hampton, VA

Keeping Virginia Drivers Looking Sharp, Feeling Classy, & Helping to Gather the Envy of the Neighbors

Sure, a car wash will do in a pinch, but when you really want to make a lasting impression, it’s always better to go with a professional auto detailing service – after all, you’re not in high school anymore. Here at Hyundai of Hampton, we’re proud to offer our high-quality, professional auto detailing services to drivers from Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Williamsburg, VA. We know our customers care about looking and feeling sharp, which is why folks come back to see us again and again. So, if you’re looking for a way to make a great first impression, take a look at the menu below to see what we can do for you here in our professional auto detailing service center.

Hyundai of Hampton Detailing:

  • Buff Vehicle$139.87
  • Clean Engine Compartment$69.87
  • Paint Sealant & Polish$69.87
  • Headlamp Restoration$119.87
  • Super Wash$29.87
    • This is a great way to get your car looking sharp and feeling fresh without spending a lot of money! The Super Wash includes a soft wash, vacuuming of the interior, window cleaning as well as tire dressing.
  • Super Polish$99.87
    • Our Super Polish treatment is second to none! Our wax isn’t going to look like the “spray on” wax you see at drive-thru car washes. Instead, we employ certified appearance technicians who professionally apply the wax, giving your vehicle a professional buffed look.
    • Our Super Polish treatment includes a soft-cloth wash, brake dust cleaning from the wheels, light interior vacuuming, cleaning of the windows both inside and out, tire dressing, and hand-applied wax protection on the exterior. Just consider it the Black Tie treatment your vehicle deserves.
  • Complete Appearance Detail$259.87
    • If the Super Polish is the Black Tie, then the Complete Appearance Detail is definitely the Tuxedo. This package includes a soft wash, vacuuming and shampooing of the interior and trunk, detailing of the dash console and seats, leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning, streak-free window cleaning, tire dressing, road tar and insect removal, detailing for the engine compartment and even the door jam, with hand-applied wax detailing for exterior protection, and a windfall of confidence as you make a good impression anywhere you go.
  • Interior Detail$139.95
    • The Interior Detail will give you that sunny-day feeling, even when the skies are cloudy. This package includes a soft cloth wash, vacuuming and shampooing of the interior, detailing of the dashboard console and seats, leather and/or vinyl cleaning and conditioning, interior odor treatment, streak-free window cleaning, tire dressing, removal of road tar and insects, and detailing on the door jams.


Hey, Hampton Drivers! When You’re Dressed to Impress, Don’t Forget About the Impression Your Car Will Make, Too – Dazzle ‘Em With Classic, Sophisticated Auto Detailing at Hyundai of Hampton

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and if you select any of the services from the menu above, we guarantee you’re going to feel cool and confident. Whether you’re heading into a big meeting, or “meeting the parents,” you can make sure to put your best foot forward by taking the time to get your Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV professionally detailed. Our highly skilled professional team is exactly what you need to get everything looking classy and sophisticated, so skip the spit shine and join us at Hyundai of Hampton in Hampton, VA.

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